Insight: Hiring Developer

We are looking for a web developer with knowledge of modern web design. You will be working independently at your own pace to create cutting-edge websites and web applications. You will work with designers, other developers and clients from different places. You will have the freedom to work whenever you want within the given deadlines.

Your Responsibilities:

- Complete tasks within given deadlines

- Deliver work in any presentable way

- Contribute to project development throughout its life cycle

- Solve problems and obstacles preventing further project developments

Your Attributes:

- Friendly and professional manner

- Experience in managing projects within creative industry

- Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

- Ability to communicate effectively and be negotiable

- Thrive under pressure, rejections and criticisms

- Practical knowledge of web design and development

- Agile to changes and failures

- Practical reading and writing skills

- Basic knowledge of Google Doc, Google Spreadsheets and Slack Application


- Working knowledge of frontend web languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

- Working knowledge of some web frameworks and libraries (Jquery, Foundation or Twitter Bootstrap, Wordpress, etc.)

- Familiarity with at least one backend language (PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.)

- Skillful in mathematics and science (Algebra, geometry, physics, and economics)

- Some knowledge of art, craft, music and design

To apply, please forward your CV, covering letter and salary expectation by email to

Insight: Hiring Developer