Insight: Hiring Designer

We are looking for a graphic designer with modern and minimal art styles. You will be working independently at your own pace to create cutting-edge designs. You will work with other designers, developers and clients from different places. You will have the freedom to work whenever you want within the given deadlines.

Your Responsibilities:

- Complete tasks within given deadlines

- Deliver work in any presentable way

- Contribute to project development throughout its life cycle

- Solve problems and obstacles preventing further project developments

Your Attributes:

- Friendly and professional manner

- Experience in managing projects within creative industry

- Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

- Ability to communicate effectively and be negotiable

- Thrive under pressure, rejections and criticisms

- Practical knowledge of web development and advertising business

- Agile to changes and failures

- Practical reading and writing skills

- Basic knowledge of Google Doc, Google Spreadsheets and Slack Application


- Working knowledge of art and design applications (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

- Working knowledge of technical side of design (Responsive design, material design, etc.)

- Familiarity with frontend web development

- Skillful in art and humanities (Music, social science, history, and philosophy)

- Some knowledge of computer, math, science and business

To apply, please forward your CV, covering letter and salary expectation by email to

Insight: Hiring Designer