Welcome to Kiluth, an in-house creative agency, a team of graphic designers, business strategists and software developers. Our studio is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Established in 2015, our logical approach to brands communicates with our audience through screens, prints, and packages. We are bonded with minimal designs that involve the audience. We perfected the craft in composing aesthetically stunning visual messages. Driving projects with facts, logic, and understanding, we create unique and immersive experiences with a sense of creativity in a meaningful fashion.

Our multidisciplinary services include creative branding, graphic design, web development, photography, video production, and 3D rendering.

Bangkok HQ
Kiluth Thailand
11/45 Nirvana Sathorn
Kanlapapruk Road
Bangkhunthien Chongthong
Bangkok TH 10150
+66 (0) 93 124 2007
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